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Giovedì 4 – Sabato 6 giugno 2020 ore 9:00

giovedì 4 Giugno - 8:00 / sabato 6 Giugno - 17:00

Matera. The Indie Uncon Europe, La Palestra, Via XX Settembre, 14.

The Indie Unconference – Europe is a fun forum for the exchange of information on the wild world of indie publishing and for networking across Europe and the world. No one person knows everything so exchanging information on the many options out there is key to our success. The Indie Uncon Europe will be held in Matera, Italy, a beautiful UNESCO World Heritage Site and the Cultural Capital of Europe this year. It will be held from June 4th-6th, 2020, at a fabulous venue, La Palestra by Area 8. The three days will be intense but also pleasurable. We have amazing industry pros giving invaluable information and tips. The Indie Unconference will be held in English.

There is no registration fee, just € 80 for the use for three days of the wonderful venue, La Palestra. Pay via Paypal to and email Tiziana D’Oppido that you have registered.

Second Edition of European Indie Uncon. In English only. More details to come…




giovedì 4 Giugno - 8:00
sabato 6 Giugno - 17:00